• Arabic
  • A Kitchen Classic
    The wind blowing from France's southern coasts will take your breath away...
  • All Seasons Live in This Pot
    Heart-warming winter soups, colourful spring marmalades, ice-cold summer sorbets... All seasons live inside this pot!
  • Your Choice of Colour Your Choice of Style
    New favourite of bakery, representative of elegance... With Rosegold and Gold colour options
  • A Large Family
    The most flashiest colours of the Sun is shining on this family!
  • Cut, Slice, Chop
    Now you can make any move in the kitchen with this set of knives made of high quality German steel...
  • A Love Affair With the Forest
    Meticulously designed and thoughtfully inspired by Feronia, the Goddess of the Forest...
  • It's Spring Time!
    Try out Penguen Collection's King Vacuum Flask this spring. In harmony with the nature, your perfect open-air mate.